Bolton Consultancy Ltd

Impartial Product Advice

Product Technology

Bolton Consultancy Ltd provides advice relating to technical performance, quality, safety, testing and compliance with UK and international Standards and Legislation of a wide range of products.   Although not providing a testing service our experience in developing British and International standard test protocols and performance criteria allows us to advise clients in relation to testing, test reports, pass/fail criteria etc.   Our independence allows us to propose the most cost effective outcome for clients.

We are happy to discuss issues by telephone and e-mail, although an examination of the product, prototypes or samples is often beneficial; we would normally either visit clients for a short product review meeting or clients may prefer to visit us.   Ad-hoc advice can be provided on a hourly basis; more substantial reviews in a series of meetings; or a telephone help line can be provided to follow-up if required.

Product Categories

Bolton Consultancy Ltd's expertise covers all types of textile product and includes specialisations in the following category areas:

We also have substantial experience helping clients with novel product development.