Bolton Consultancy Ltd

Seminars and Training Services

Training Seminars

Bolton Consultancy Ltd provides a range of standard training modules and seminars which give the background to various Requirements and Standards together with an understanding of what needs to be done to achieve compliance.   Where practical, illustration is provided through reference to actual products and if possible delegates are encouraged to bring their own items for discussion.   Sessions are typically of a half day to one day duration, for groups of up to 8.   Titles include:

Target Audience

Sessions are appropriate for both technical and non-technical delegates involved in garment specification, design, compliance, procurement and retail etc.

Delegates Notes

Full Delegates Notes are provided. Bolton Consultancy Ltd is also licensed by BSI to make available individual copies of the Standards for use during training sessions.


Training can be delivered at any suitable venue and typically is provided at client's sites - to minimise travel time and expenses for delegates.

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke courses can be developed to meet individual Client's training needs and typically are organised to be consistent with individual competence management requirements. Full Course documentation including Trainer's Guides and "Train the Trainer" sessions can be provided if required.