Bolton Consultancy Ltd

Expert Witness

Bolton Consultancy Ltd provides opinion as an expert witness in a number of areas relating to clothing and textiles based on professional qualifications, many years experience in the retail environment, and our current activities in Consultancy and Standards Development.   Some of the areas we cover are included below.   Please call to discuss individual cases as we are often able to suggest other experts in areas we cannot answer directly.

Garment Technology

Opinion relating to technical performance, quality, safety, testing and compliance both of individual products together with the processes and procedures followed in production, buying and retail of the product.   Our specific expertise includes, colour issues, British and International standard test protocols, performance criteria, test reports, pass/fail criteria, and the design, construction and safety of children's clothing.

British, European and International Standards

Opinion relating to the development of, use and application of British, European and International Standards.   In particular those pertaining to children's clothing safety - see panels to the right.

Risk Assessment

We perform Safety Risk Assessments in accordance with the GPSD RAPEX Guidelines.