Bolton Consultancy Ltd

Safety Risk Assessment

Bolton Consultancy Ltd provides specialist product safety advice and product risk assessments, with particular expertise in safety risk assessment of children's clothing.   Risk assessments are used in product development and assurance and we have particular experience as independent risk assessment consultants in GPSD corrective action procedures.

A generalised methodology for risk assessment is included in the RAPEX guidlines to support a consistent approach and facilitate quantification of risk.   Primarily intended to be applied by conformance authorities the method is invaluable for manufacturers and suppliers when developing novel product - where guidance from standards is not available - in supporting GPSD corrective action procedures, and in answering product liability issues or defence.   Bolton Consultancy Ltd provides detailed Risk Assessment Reports - utilising the latest RAPEX methodology - including full analysis and the rationale behind scenario building.

Assessment Report

A full assessment report will normally be provided with a summary and the following sections: